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    When it comes to planning a bridal shower, there are so many options. Whether you are the maid of honor, mother of the bride or the bride yourself, even the simplest of bridal showers do take some planning.
    We’re hoping to make that a little simpler for you, breaking down the process into four main points to consider when planning a bridal shower.

    1. The theme

    Even if you aren’t going for a particular theme, there are some important questions to ask: Do you want this shower to be co-ed or only girls? Will guests give gifts from the registry or will it be a money/gift card party? Will it be a party in your house or out?
    Sometimes having a themed party can make the planing a little easier, and answer all these questions. The theme can revolve around a room in the house, having guests give gifts for a certain room of the couple’s future home. Themed parties can also just be a fun way to celebrate a bride or couple’s interests, like a tea party, garden party or restaurant-themed party.

    2. The logistical details

    Sure, coming up with a theme is a matter of logistics, but the next stage of planning really involves locking down some details. Obviously, you’ll need a guest list, and the proper addresses. If you are using a location like a restaurant or other venue, you’ll need to make sure you lock in a reservation, or if you are having a party at home you need to work out the food details and who is providing them. And, if you aren’t the one paying for the party, you’ll need to get a budget number to make the bulk of your decisions. Lastly, you need to make sure to order party invitations to send at least a month in advance. If you are inviting people from far away, you may even consider calling them as soon as possible to give them a heads up about the party date.

    3. The decorations

    To me, this is the best part of any party! The decorations just make a party just come to life, right? From flowers to streamers to banners, coming up with the little accessories is just so fun. We especially love personalized napkins, buffet markers and drink markers.

    4. The aftermath

    Once the big day’s finally here (not THE big day but the day of the shower), you’ll want to make sure you have someone writing down where all the gifts are coming from. You may even want to make sure you have some thank you notes ordered. If the budget allows, a bride can order some notes with her current monogram on them, or she can go ahead and order her some with her future name and send them after the wedding (if it’s not too far away, of course!)

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