• Ways to make your wedding unique

    Since I was once a bride myself, I know how important it is to make your wedding unique to you as a couple.

    As a wedding professional, I also know many ways to do just that—with your paper needs, of course.

    On our Website, we feature many programs that brides can order, but we also custom create many of our wedding programs. Here’s a few ways you could make your programs stand out among the rest.

    1. Lace

    If you want a more vintage look, think about adding lace or twine to a program.

    2. Design your own monogram

    Are you a graphic designer? Or do you know one? What better way to show off your style than something that is custom created just for you.

    3. Change up the ribbon

    While we offer ribbon of every color, some people may want a little extra flare. Stripes, polka dots, chevron shapes—we can make all that happen.

    4. Die-Cut Shapes

    Wiregrass Weddings has a variety of die-cut shapes we use for wedding programs. There is a first time for everything though, and some brides want shapes we don’t have. That’s OK! If you are willing to wait a little longer and spend a little extra, we bring in shapes like this scalloped fan one bride requested.

    5. Size


















    We have typical sizes for all our wedding programs, but brides change them up all the time. This one, for example, is normally a little taller. But, if a bride needed it to fit in a certain basket, she could get us to crop it down. The same is true for booklets that may typically come with a certain number of pages. If you needed more or less, just change the size!

    6. Vintage Monogram

    If vintage is what you are going for, we are able to source you from our collection of vintage monogram books.

    7. I mustache you if you like this?

    Wedding program or photo booth prop—who says you have to choose? We had a recent bride put these mustaches on her programs. What a unique way to change things up!

    So when it comes to making your wedding your own, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Change your paper colors, add stylish details, or maybe even something I haven’t mentioned on here.

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