• Goodbye Cortnee and Molly!

    Molly Wiregrass Weddings DivaCortnee Wiregrass Weddings Diva

    The Bad News:  Today we said goodbye to Cortnee and Molly as they are both moving to Troy tomorrow to begin their college careers at Troy University.  Molly is an expert at die-cutting.  Always cutting away with a smile on her face.  Cortnee is our 7 foot tall super model (she’s really only six-foot-something).  Wiregrass Weddings won’t be the same with out you!  We wish you the best of luck during rush next week!

    The Good News:  We said goodbye with a company lunch at Cupcakes Y’all in Enterprise, Alabama.  I had the chicken salad panini and their cupcake of the day, chocolate/peanut butter.  YUM!

    The Other Bad News:  The replacement letterpress plate didn’t make it today.  UPS sorted it wrong and sent it in the wrong direction.  By the time I caught it, they had already sent it further in the wrong direction and sealed it up for the weekend.  So no plate, means no printing this weekend!  Which means I’m not happy with UPS right now!!!  They are promising my plate to me by Monday (and a refund for the overnight charges) so hopefully, I’ll have some awesome letterpress wedding invitations to show you by Tuesday!

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