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    I’ve been in the wedding printing business for 12 years now and have always loved the look of letterpress.  Fate threw a few curve balls at me, which slowed down our growth the first few years, but the last few years have been amazing.  We have grown to 15 employees (during our busy season) and moved into a new building this past fall.

    I couldn’t get a letterpress until I had space for it and by the time I ordered one, we’d already filled up our new shop — so it’s temporarily being housed in a room we are finishing out in the back of my husband’s workshop.

    My dream letterpress — a Heidelberg Windmill — was waiting for me on eBay.  It was residing in Michigan, and was delivered to us in Alabama via a freight carrier.  It’s just arrived about two weeks ago.  This past week, I got all of the supplies required to run a letterpress:  tympan sheet, quoins, base, plates, packing, lay pins, press wash, paper and ink…

    Jim, my husband, is a mechanical engineer and  professional do-it-yourselfer.  Which means he’s just about figured out how to run a press, without requiring me to even read the manual (hooray)!  As of today, we’ve only run it twice — the first time we used a pretty fuchsia color.  The result was OK, but didn’t knock my socks off.  The second time, we used reflex blue and printed a stunning letterpress wedding programs.  It rocks.  Can’t wait to get really good at this!

    We still don’t know how to use the lay pins and how exactly to line things up just right — hopefully we’ll figure that out soon, because I’m ready to be in the letterpress business!

    Letterpress wedding programs

    Letterpress wedding programs

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