• Choosing your Summer Wedding Menu

    The season of summer is definitely one that comes with some amazing food choices. That’s true for a small family cookout, and it’s certainly true for weddings!

    If you need some inspiration for that summer wedding menu, I thought I’d just write about some of the tasty things you can serve—from the casual, outdoor affair to the all-out-sit-down meal.

    1. Keep it fresh.

    Fresh food is the mark of summer eating. Consider foods that are fresh from the garden: summer salads, assorted veggies and fruit trays, grilled veggies. If you have the budget for it, fresh seafood is a great addition to a summer wedding: shrimp, oysters, fish or crawfish (if your feeling Cajun) are always a big hit!

    2. Serve refreshing drinks.

    One thing is for sure about summer weddings: They are hot! Your guests will love cool, refreshing drinks to ease the heat, especially if the wedding or reception are outdoors. Lemonades, teas and ice waters are always big hits, and can be really beautiful with some fruit or flavors to color them up. If you serve alcohol, some light, fruity liquer cocktails or even frozen margaritas or daiquiris are great options.

    3. Grill, baby, grill.

    Was that weird? Nonetheless, food fresh from the grill is an amazing summer-time treat. What about serving some grilled dishes: chicken, shishcabobs, shrimp, veggies!

    4. Keep it cool.

    If you are servings hors devours, consider some cool foods. Chilled fruit or shrimp on ice are both good places to start!

    5. Have a picnic.

    You could take this literally (a picnic reception would be cool, no?!) But also, you could just serve some amazing picnic-style foods because those are great for summer. Fried chicken, mini-sandwiches, watermelon, potato salad…yum!

    6. Extra dessert.

    Need I say more about this? Mini-cheescakes or key lime pies. Sorbets. Even a smores bar are all amazing things to complement that wedding cake and make your dessert spread super impressive!

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