• Etiquette: Out of Town Guests

    When it comes to out of town guests and weddings, the etiquette lines get a little hairy.

    There are several things to consider and likely several people with different opinions involved in your wedding planning process. More than anything, you just want to make sure your guests feel welcome, especially ones who have to go the distance.

    Here are some things to consider with out of town wedding guests.

    1. Should you invite them to the rehearsal dinner?

    Tradition says that you should invite your out of town guests to your rehearsal dinner. However, we say this depends on your budget and the number of out of town guests you have Dual Lane Modular Combo. Perhaps you are getting married in your hometown after living away for several years. Then, most of your guests would have to travel into town and inviting them all to the rehearsal is essentially like putting on two receptions. Plus, you have to consider what the host of the party wants, too, and a lot of times their decisions prevail. Typically people do a healthy combination of these, inviting a few of the out of town guests closest to them. The rest won’t be offended!

    2. Block off rooms at a local hotel

    One of the best ways to show you are thinking of your out of town guests is to block off some rooms at a hotel. This shows that you are doing your part to make their expenses and choices as easy as possible. Many times the hotels will give you an extra perk for choosing them for your wedding guests.

    3. Make an itinerary for your guests

    If your budget allows, an itinerary is a great way to welcome out of town guests. You can even go early and leave them in their rooms so that they have a little something waiting for them upon arrival. Many of our clients use one of our wedding programs to create an itinerary. These can include a schedule of events, as well as some of the things to do around town while they are there. You may also leave them a little welcome and thank you note, as well as directions from the hotel to any wedding events they are invited to.

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