• Mom Moments: 7 Ways to Honor your Mom in your Wedding

    Your mom—she’s the one who brought you into the world, changed your diapers, opened her kitchen and her heart and always thought of everything!

    So when it comes to your wedding, many brides want to return the favor in some small way. Plus, there’s a good chance your mom has been your right hand throughout the wedding planning process, right?

    There are many ways you can show your mom some special love in your wedding, from grand gestures to sweet, simple details.

    Photo by: Ivy Darling-Wandering Bohemian

    Here are our 7 favorite ways to honor your mom in your wedding.

    1. Include Her When You Get Ready

    What’s the one thing all mom’s love the most? Their children, of course! Including your mom doesn’t have to be much different than anything else you’ve done in life—just have her by your side as you get ready for the biggest event of your life!

    2. Ask Mom to be a ‘Maid

    Some brides have relationships that are just like best friends with their mothers, so it’s only natural to ask mom to stand with you on the altar! Of course, you should never feel obligated to do this. Only make gestures you feel comfortable making.

    3. Remake Mom’s Dress

    Are you and your mom similar sizes? (At least the size she was when she got married). If you like her wedding dress or parts of her dress, consider wearing it or using elements of it to remake your own. This can be as simple as interchanging the buttons on your dress for hers or as complex as adding pieces of her dress to your train.

    4. Honor Mom on on your Wedding Programs

    One sure way to express your gratitude for your mom is to just use words! While most brides include their parents on their wedding programs, there is also room to give her a special thank you or just tell your guests how much you love your mom!

    5. Give her Special Flowers

    What woman doesn’t appreciate flowers? Honor your mom with a corsage for your big day, and you could even add in a little special something just for her. You could also dedicate some of the flowers used on the altar or in decorations to your mom and let your guests know in the wedding programs.

    6. Incorporate Elements of Her wedding

    Maybe mom’s dress just isn’t the right fit for your big day, but there are still ways to incorporate some of her special day with yours. You can wear some of her jewelry or shoes, use some of her decorations, or even use a piece of her dress to wrap around your bouquet.

    7. Let Mom Walk you Down the Aisle

    If your dad can’t be a part of your big day for one reason or other, you could choose to have your mom walk you down the aisle, rather than asking another close male figure. Some brides even choose to have both parents walk them down the aisle, if they are particularly close to them both!

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