• Choosing Fan Wedding Programs for your Outdoor Wedding










    When it comes to a summer wedding, one thing will be true: it will be hot! But the heat is no reason to avoid a summer wedding when there are so many other wonderful things about the season, from beautiful scenery to longer vacations to wonderful tropical getaways.

    One of the great things I love about summer weddings are fan wedding programs! They serve so many purposes and can be a perfect detail to the warm wedding. What are those purposes? Well, let me tell you some of the reasons for choosing fan wedding programs:

    1. Keep your guests cool

    If your wedding is outdoors, there will definitely be some guests who find it to be a little warm. Even if your wedding is indoors, there is a chance your guests will be warm at least when they first come inside. Choosing fan wedding programs are really just a nice gesture for helping your guests keep cool.

    2. They can double as favors

    Want your guests to have something to take home to remember your big day? These fans are a perfect memento! Of course, you can always choose to have other wedding favors, too, but if your on a budget then this can definitely be the favor.

    3. They are sweet & simple

    While all of our wedding programs are customizable, fan wedding programs are known for their simplicity. The content is usually the names, date and location, as well as a list of wedding party, family and sometimes a special thanks. Of course, they can always say whatever you want, but their simplicity is really nice for a wedding that’s not too hard to follow without a detailed program.

    4. They are fun to display

    Fan wedding programs are just extra fun to display. In suitcases, baskets or just stacks by the door or even on every guests’ chair, fan wedding programs have many options when it comes to the perfect display!

    5. They are versatile in style

    Our fan wedding programs come in so many forms. There are programs with sticks and without. Some fans are one or two sheets and others are multiple pages that fan apart. We have a variety of die cut shapes and others that are simple. We have some with ribbon or lace and others without! The sky is really the limit in choosing a fan wedding program to match your style.

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