• All About Thank You Note Etiquette

    There is just so much love that surrounds a wedding! From the sweet couple to all the showers and gifts that seem to come out of the woodwork in support. Thank you notes become a really important element to your big day.

    Despite the amount of appreciation you have for your family and friends, sending thank you notes can be a daunting task. In hopes of making that process a little easier, we’ve come up with some of the key things to know about sending thank you notes.















    When to Send Thank You Notes

    You’ll want to begin as soon as possible. For wedding showers, it’s good to finish one to two weeks after the event. For your wedding, you have up to three months, so there is a little grace period. We recommend beginning the process as soon as possible (after your honeymoon break, of course)! If you start getting presents before the wedding, you may want to start sending your thank you cards directly after.

    How to Address

    Typically thank you notes are addressed with formal names, like wedding invitations. (Mr. and Mrs. and full names). However, inside the card, I always think it’s nice to add a personal touch, like Aunt So & So or first names, if you are close enough to the recipient.

    What to Say

    Thank you notes truly are your opportunity to express your gratitude, and the recipients will really appreciate the gesture. So, while you may have similar (or even the same) lines in your cards, you don’t want to make them all exactly the same. It’s a nice idea for you to mention specifically what you are thanking the person for, i.e. the toaster oven or helping with your hair and makeup. Most importantly, just speak from your heart. You may not be really close to everyone you write a note to, but I’m sure you can still find something specific to thank them for.

    Who to Send Thank You Notes To

    Obviously, you will need to send a thank you note to everyone who gives you a gift, whether that be at a shower, the wedding or just in passing at some point. Try to keep a list of everyone and what they gave you so you can be specific in your card writing! If you have a guest book at your wedding, it is a wonderful gesture to send thank you notes to everyone who attends your wedding. Even if they don’t give you a gift, some guests had to spend money traveling or on lodging or they at least blocked off their schedule to attend your ceremony! It’s not required that you send thank you cards to all your wedding vendors, but if there is anyone who was particularly wonderful to you, the gesture is always nice. Also don’t forget to include anyone who may have been very helpful behind the scenes or leading up to your big day, even if they didn’t get to attend your ceremony.

    Ordering Thank You Notes

    I recommend ordering a set of thank you notes with your maiden name or monogram for the showers you have before the wedding and then another with your married name or monogram for after the wedding. You will probably want to order more with your married name since you can use those forever. If your budget only allows for one set, you could choose a design that just has your first names on them, like “Amy and Clark,” and write them and mail them all right after the wedding, assuming your parties are all close enough to the big day to not be super late.

    To help keep the experience fun, consider writing your thank you notes together, whether that’s a big chunk of time or just a few minutes everyday until you’re done. Put on the TV or some fun music, grab a yummy beverage and make sure you use a high quality pen that won’t leak all over the card!

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