• Springing up your Wedding Programs

    With Spring officially underway, we are definitely getting excited around here. Beautiful colors, scenery and weddings make for a wonderful combination of a season!

    As we start to prepare for our busy wedding spring season and as you prepare for your spring wedding, I thought it’d be a good time to give some tips for the season’s stationery.

    So what does it take to spruce up your wedding programs for spring? It’s simple: Pantones and pastels; patterns; and paper.

    1. Pastels and Pantones

    Color! That’s one of the most exciting parts of spring decorations. Bright pastels, soft pantone colors or a combination of the two make any wedding program scream “Gorgeous Spring Wedding!” With our programs, there are many options for incorporating color. You can choose colors of fonts, patterns, paper and our favorite accessory: ribbons! We are pretty partial to the pantones in these fan wedding programs above.

    2. Patterns

    Adding patterns to your wedding programs is a good idea any season of the year, no doubt. But there’s something extra special about patterns during the spring season. Even symbols of spring can be incorporated in our designs, like using flowers for example! Check out our design options here for some more pattern ideas!

    3. Paper

    We offer several color paper options, but in the sprint, it’s nice to keep things looking fresh. White or ivory paper make great backgrounds for colors to really pop! Another fun spring choice is using kraft paper for a more vintage look. Other fun spring options are to mount your programs on colorful paper to really make them really stand out.

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