• Should You Send a Save the Date?

    When it comes to planning a wedding, there are really so many decisions to make. It can definitely get overwhelming!

    Many brides-and-grooms-to-be choose to send Save the Dates for their wedding, but is that something you have to do? Of course, you can always do whatever you want, but I’ve come up with some general guidelines to help you decide if Save the Dates are right for your big day.














    1. Consider where your guests are coming from

    Will most of your guests be local or have to travel from out of town? The more travelers you will have, the more you should consider sending a Save the Date so your guests will have time to make arrangements. (Flight costs are always cheaper in advance!)

    2. Keep in mind the location and timeframe of your wedding

    Are you have a destination wedding or is your wedding local but on a busy holiday weekend? If your wedding may compete with some of your guests plans, then a Save the Date is usually a good idea.

    3. How important is it that your guests block off your big day?

    This may seem like a crazy question, but not everyone feels the same about who is there to celebrate with them. If it’s really important to you that your friends across the country can make it, then it’s best to send a Save the Date to give them as much notice as possible.

    If you do decide that Save the Dates are a the right choice for your wedding, then a good timeframe to send them is six months out. You also will want to make sure you address the envelopes with exactly who you want to invite. For example, The Jones Family OR just Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

    Hopefully some of these tips will help ease one decision for you!

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