• Choosing your Wedding Style

    When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s a question newly engaged couples have a hard time avoiding: What’s your wedding theme?

    While it is by no means mandatory to tie yourself to one theme, it is helpful to at least know what style you are going for when choosing all the details of your wedding.

    Since details is practically our middle name over here, I’ve compiled a list of some different wedding styles, complete with some of our stationery sets that match. Keep in mind, that all of our stationery can be customized to match your wedding colors and style.

    1. Traditional

    Are you a bride who wants it all? If you like wedding traditions the way they are, this just might be your style. Wedding monograms are a big wedding tradition, especially for southern weddings. This Monogram Madness stationery just might be the way to go.

    2. Vintage

    There are several elements that fit into the vintage style, ranging from antique to homemade or a little a both. The vintage bride may pick and choose from wedding traditions or just ditch them all together. When it comes to stationery, vintage brides like lace, kraft paper or pantone color pallettes. The Kraft Kraze (pictured at the top of this post) and this MINT for Us Stationery Sets are perfect companions to the vintage wedding.

    3. Rustic

    The rustic bride tends to blend pure elegance with the charm of natural settings. Rustic weddings make good use of the beauty of natural environment and lighting, while combining their own antique charm. That’s why we came up with the name Sophisticated Rustic for this stationery set, sure to match the classy/charming feel of a rustic wedding.

    4. Barn

    Were you born and raised fresh from the farm? Do you like boots, getting your hands dirty and spending your days in the countryside? A barn themed, or Farm Fresh, wedding might be exactly what you are looking for.

    5. Spring Garden

    Maybe your love for the great outdoors rests in looking at pretty flowers and admiring scenery. As flowers blooms and spring colors shine, a garden wedding is a perfectly romantic wedding style. To me, this Leafy Wreathy Stationery Set, is a lovely companion for the garden-style wedding.

    6. Classic

    The classic styled wedding is for the bride who likes things clean and simple. Classic—white, simple, modern decor. This formally framed stationery is perfect for the bride who is truly classic.

    7. Whimsical

    Are you just a little offbeat? There’s nothing wrong with marching to your own drum! The whimsical bride loves color and mismatched decor. In a whimsical wedding, anything goes! Patterned perfection, in all its color and whimsical nature, is quite the pair when it comes to this type of wedding.

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