• 20 Fun Date Night Ideas

    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d take a break from talking about wedding programs and give you a few fun date night ideas I’ve gathered up.

    Even if not for Valentine’s Day, it’s always great to take some time away with your sweetie. So whether you’re not yet engaged, in the midst of wedding planning or happily married, we hope you’ll find some fun ideas for you!


















    Staying In

    1. Make a homemade pizza shaped like a heart and stay in for pizza and a movie.

    2. Cook a delicious meal and dine in the dark (or by romantic candlelight).

    3. Make your room its own hotel. Change the sheets, put mints on the pillow and even have room service.

    4. Since it’s most likely cold where you are, what about a nice, romantic indoor picnic, with adorable blankets, candles and even a basket!

    5. Build a fort together.

    6. Drink hot chocolate and snuggle up by a fire. (Assuming of course you have a fire place!)

    7. Resort to your inner kid. Play board games, hide and seek, tag or have a pillow fight. Or hey, do them all!

    8. Do a creative project together—paint, draw or otherwise DIY!

    9. Spend the night walking down memory lane. Go through your old photo albums or wedding scrapbooks (if you are married). You might even want to read your old wedding invitations and wedding programs.

    10. Don’t have any scrapbooks of you as a couple? Maybe it’s time to create one together!

    Going Out

    1. Take a weekend away—from life, from cell phones and computers. Just take the time to be with each other!

    2. Dinner and a movie. Classic, simple but always a success.

    3. Couples massages! Because what says love by treating each other to some major relaxation.

    4. For the active couple, go hiking or biking. Or for some more low-key activity, go bowling or to play mini-golf.

    5. Dress up fancy and go out for wine (or coffee) and dessert.

    6. Go to a concert together. There’s something so romantic about holding hands and listening to live music.

    7. Take a bunch of blankets, drive out to the country (if you don’t already live there) and go star gazing.

    8. Go on a food crawl, going to a different restaurant for drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts.

    9. Give your Valentine a formal invitation to a date night. Want help creating it? We can help!

    10. Send your sweetie on a scavenger hunt! At the end of it, have a sweet gift or one of these fun dates awaiting!

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