• 5 Tips for your Valentine’s Day Wedding Programs

    We at Wiregrass Wedding’s obviously have love on our minds everyday, but with Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, that has only intensified.

    Valentine’s Day is a big day for couples to get engaged, get married or clearly, just to show each other they care.

    Being the business we are, though, I couldn’t help but start thinking of wedding programs for your Valentine’s Day wedding. Our turnaround time is two weeks, so there is still time if we do have any Valentine’s brides.















    1. Text colors

    Our wedding programs are highly customizable, so one of the best ways to have them match any wedding theme is working with your color scheme. My mind runs to lavenders, pinks, corals, reds and even white and black when I think of Valentine’s Day weddings. Have other ideas to match your special day?

    2. Patterns

    Want to really make your wedding programs look Valentine-y? What about adding some heart patterns or borders?















    3. Ribbons

    Ribbon choices go hand in hand with text colors. Some brides choose to make their ribbon and font colors match, while others off set with a secondary wedding color, and honestly, both usually work just great!















    4. The subtle
    Some brides getting married around Valentine’s Day may be into the holiday but might not want to scream red, purple and pink. What about toning things down with a lavender or coral, maybe even mixed with with some white?















    5. The bold
    Other couples obviously choose Valentine’s Day for a reason and are proud of it. This may call for a much bolder look, like these Holly Fan Wedding Programs above.

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