• Wedding programs for your winter wedding

    What do you think of when you envision a winter wedding—pine cones, snowflakes, deer in the snow?

    Perhaps it’s just the wedding fiend in me, but I kind of think of all those snowy elements that come with a winter wedding.

    Naturally, I’m thinking specifically of the wedding programs to match a winter wedding, like this beautiful icy blue Kate Wedding Program below. It has such an elegant, wintery feel.

    When it comes to choosing stationery for the winter months, there are a lot of beautiful options.

    First, the colors are an important part. You could choose an icy blue, traditional holiday colors (red, green or gold), or even deeper, darker colors, like midnight blue or burgundy.

    There are also a lot of paper options for wedding programs. Choosing solid white is a “cool” color, or many brides choose a gold paper this time of year.

    Also, there are different elements you could add to your stationery to make it a little more seasonal, like emblems of wreaths, snowflakes or other winter symbols.

    These are just a few tips to make your winter wedding programs fit the season. I’ve also added a little winter wedding inspiration of my own to the bottom of this post. Hope you like!

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