• Tips for choosing a wedding venue

    For some, choosing a wedding venue is simple. Maybe there’s that church you grew up in with your family, the special place you met your fiance or just a place you’ve always dreamed of getting married.

    Others, may not really have it all figured out, so we’ve gathered some tips to try and help make the narrowing down process a little easier.

    1. Think space.
    How many guests are you planning to invite? This number will be essential in the venue you choose. If you are having a small wedding, perhaps a small, intimate venue will be right up your ally. If your guest list is large, though, your venue will need to follow suit.

    2. Consider your guests.
    Are your wedding guests the traveling type? Do they get around easily and have money to spend? If so, maybe that destination wedding you’ve dreamed up might be just right. If not, maybe something a little closer to home would be better.

    3. What’s your style?
    Do you envision a traditional, religious ceremony? You should probably start looking for a church or at least a pastor willing to perform a ceremony at another venue. Or maybe you aren’t into religious, traditional ceremonies, so that doesn’t play a big role.

    4. Where will your reception be?
    Do you want the reception and the wedding to be in the same location or in close distance? This would be a good opportunity to explore venues that could serve as multipurpose for the reception, as well.

    5. Consider what they already have there.

    Depending on how unique the venue is, you may have to do some heavy lifting to bring in chairs, tables and reception goods. Other venues may already have everything you need in place. The amount of manpower you have and willingness to work a little extra are big things to consider when locking down a venue.

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