• A wedding planning app that makes us “appy”

    A couple weeks ago, I found out about a relatively new wedding planning app Appy Couple from Green Wedding Shoes’ blog. So what did I do? Naturally, I made our own Holli, who is planning a wedding, get the app so we could all play.

    This app is inventive, user friendly and super stylish.

    Here’s a quick run-down of how it works.

    For now, the app is invitation only, but it’s not too hard to get an invite. You just visit their Website, request an invitation and then follow the instructions in the e-mail they send.

    Once you get the invite (Holli got hers in a matter of minutes, though it can take up to a few hours), you choose your design. There are a TON of designs, and honestly, most of them are really sharp. They even have it broken down into categories of colors, styles and collections to ease the burden a bit.

    Then you can fill in all the details about yourselves as a couple and about your wedding. Then, Appy Couple generates it into a Website for you.

    Here’s a peak at Holli and Joseph’s site so you can get an idea. (Click here to see it).


























    The best part? You can give all your family and friends an access code to your app, and they can join in the details of your wedding. It allows you to take pictures and upload them from your phone. What an easy way to keep track off all your planning ideas, share information with your guests and even allow people to RSVP to your different events.

    When it comes to wedding planning, Appy Couple gets a thumbs up from us.

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