• Ways to make your wedding programs more “you”

    Wedding programs are a great way to help your guests follow along during your ceremony, but that’s not all they are good for.

    Just like every other detail of your big day, wedding programs are the perfect way to help tell your love story.











    Of course, by choosing colors or style, your programs can be custom designed to match exactly the elements of your wedding.

    But, there are also lots of little extras you can add to a wedding program to make it perfect for you.


    A monogram can tell your guests a lot about you. You could choose a vintage monogram or a more traditional one, customizing it with just the right color combinations.

    After all, this is a day to bring two people together, so why not start with the name?

    Wedding Party

    It is pretty traditional to include your wedding party in a program. After all, the people who are a part of your special day have surely helped shape you through the years.

    Including them on your wedding program is a great way to honor those you hold most dear.


    On top of this, some people like to add special dedications in their programs. This may be to someone who is deceased and can’t be with you on your special day.

    You may also choose to add a thank you to someone who isn’t necessarily part of your wedding party but has played a significant role in your wedding day, like your dear aunt who arranged all your wedding bouquets.

    Love verse or poem

    Is there a particular Bible verse, quote or poem that really sums you up as a couple? Whether this be something special that is part of your faith or a story you two just love, this may be the perfect way to make your programs just a little more “you.”

    If you need some help brainstorming, you can click here to view some examples of Biblical love verses.


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