• Stationery tips for the budget-minded bride


    When it comes to the little details of weddings, costs can certainly add up. While we can’t help you with all your details, we can help you keep track of your stationery needs. Truly, when it comes to stationery, you can spend as much or as little as you want to—and you can get it all or just the minimum.

    To help you save, we’ve broken down the process from engagement to your big day and the ways to save the most on each item.











    Save the Dates: Many people either choose Save the Date Magnets or traditional paper save the dates. While there are many benefits to magnets, like the fact that they are displayed on people’s refrigerators until your wedding date, they are a little more costly. In our store, paper save the dates cost $1.25 each, while magnets are $1.45. The price difference isn’t great, but if you are looking to penny pinch, this is certainly an area that could help.



    Wedding Invitations: Invitations come in many styles. Put simply, calligraphy and letterpress cost more than more layered or simple wedding invitations. The same is true for bridal shower invitations, bachelor party or rehearsal dinner invitations.















    Wedding programs: Wedding programs are always a good idea for weddings. Not only do they help your guests follow along during the ceremony, but they also are a little keepsake of your big day. Our wedding programs come in single pages or multiple pages, backed with cardstock and tied with various ribbons or lace. The simpler your program, the lower the cost. Our Amanda Wedding Program is a good example of an affordable program.















    Wedding menus: Want to showcase the food your serving? Wedding menus are a great addition, especially for the sit-down dinner receptions. The difference in price, however, isn’t really very much. If you want wedding menus, dream up your hearts’ desires and go from there!















    Table numbers: Table numbers are another detail that can really add a lot to a ceremony. The good news? They are not expensive at all. Most of them cost $10 for 10 numbers. It’s definitely one of the least expensive details you can add.










    Place cards: If you are having a seating chart at your wedding, place cards are a great way to let your guests know where to go. While prices vary, some are as low as $21.25 for 25 cards.















    Napkins: Everyone needs something to wipe their mouths on right? If you want that something to be a little extra special, monogram napkins are a great touch. Prices vary on these, as well, but they average around $20-$30 for 50-100 napkins.









    Thank You notes: After it’s all said and done, you will need to thank your guests for taking part in your big day—whether that was through a gift in the mail, a bridal shower or the big event. The simplest cards will save you a few dollars, but all thank you notes can be purchased for under $1 a card.

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