• Something old, something new

    I have this obsession for old things, so naturally, I had to pick up a copy of “Princess Margaret’s Wedding Day:  The Pictorial Memento of the Royal Wedding Ceremony and Pageantry” when I saw it on Etsy.  Being one to always look for inspiration I found that although royal weddings are HUGE on scale, many of the elements can be imulated on a smaller scale in weddings among us “commoners”.

    While this picture may be a tad outdated, the idea of the beautiful arch is found all over weddings today.  A quick search on Pinterest resulted in these examples.




































    There are also several ways to incorporate flags into wedding decor. I, of course, found this image from a royal wedding, but there are also a few more practical elements here.





















    And finally, while it may not be necessary for average people like us to wear tiara’s, there are some pretty cute versions that any bride may want to incorporate.


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