• It’s good to be Green

    Being in the paper business, we are all too aware of the importance of leaving our carbon footprint here on earth.

    So, even though our work is done with paper, we do all we can to make sure our efforts are as green as possible.

    Our paper

    First, all the paper we use is made from 30 percent recycled post consumer fiber. In English? The paper we used is made from recycled paper products, maybe even that last parking ticket you had on your car!

    Our printers

    Next, our products are printed using Xerox GreenPrint printers. These are printers designed to eliminate as much waste as possible.


    Finally, we take all of our extra programs to the local recycling center. In Elba, Alabama, we have to drive our goods to the recycle center, but this is such an important part of our business that it’s just become a regular event.

    So if being green is your thing, just know it’s ours, too!

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