• Inside Wiregrass Weddings: Our adorable Anna

    This week we are introducing you to Anna Padgett, our magnificent production manager.

    Anna has been working with Wiregrass Weddings for the last four years. Before that she worked at a shoe store.

    Her mother-in-law Sylvia Padgett, who also works here (we’ll tell you more details later), introduced us to Anna, and we sure are glad she did!

    At the time, Anna was studying marketing in college and thought this job would be good experience for her. She’s never left, so I guess it must be OK!

    As production manager, Anna spends her day overseeing all our orders and print production, and she helps design our products.

    Her favorite wedding program is the Andi because she designed it specifically for her wedding. It’s named Andi for her maiden name, which is Anderson, because there was already a program named Anna.

    In general, Anna loves designing matching stationery sets.

    “I love to design new and fresh products,” she says.

    Anna is originally from Elba, Alabama, where our office is located.

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