• Rhonda’s ridiculously lovely wedding!


    Today we take you into the ridiculously wonderful wedding of our own Rhonda Brunson, who married her high school sweetheart Bill 26 years ago.

    Sadly, most of Rhonda’s wedding pictures were lost in a flood, but her memories live on as strong as ever. Luckily for us, she could recount them all.

    Rhonda and Bill’s dads worked together, so the two have been friends since they were children. They started dating at the end of Rhonda’s junior year of high school.

    Fast forward seven years, and the two lovebirds were married in her parent’s backyard near Elba, Alabama.

    What was unique about her sweet, southern, outdoor wedding was that they got married at 9:30 a.m. Have you ever heard of that?

    “Bill believed that it wouldn’t break up people’s days if we got married that early. They could come to our wedding then have the rest of their day,” she said, smiling. Plus, they got to feast on brunch foods made her family and friends.

    Her early morning wedding didn’t have a particular theme, but she loved the color purple. (Isn’t there a book about that?!) She used orchids and roses, which we at Wiregrass Weddings find delightful!

    Rhonda’s favorite wedding detail was her veil. It was French hand sewn by Bill’s aunt, and it was short because Rhonda felt she was just too short herself to pull off a long veil.

    She also remembers the remarkable weather, which is a great thing to have during Alabama’s hot, and often rainy, summers.

    Rhonda and Bill officially got engaged just three months before their wedding. Of course, they had known for a while the day was coming. One of the biggest challenges about planning the wedding was that Bill was away at law school, so it wasn’t a great time to ask him about all the details.

    Another challenge was convincing people that they were really getting married that early in the morning!

    Rhonda’s favorite part of her wedding day was just realizing that after so many years together, she was finally marrying her sweetheart, and they had so many friends and family members there to witness it.

    If she had to plan her wedding all over again, she says she would probably have an indoor wedding. While hers turned out just wonderfully, Rhonda says there would be a peace of mind that comes with planning a wedding inside. Not to mention, she wouldn’t have had to spend so much time poisoning the yard to keep fire ants away!

    To any brides to be, Rhonda offers this advice: “Be flexible. The result is always the same.”

    Beautiful. Just like Rhonda and her wedding story.

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