• We adore Anna’s wedding!

    This week we take you inside the wedding of our own Anna Padgett, who happens to be just as gorgeous as her fabulous lakeside wedding.

    Anna married her sweetheart Kyle on October 30, 2010 at Lake Point Lodge Resort in Eufaula, Alabama.

    Anna and Kyle’s favorite thing to do as a couple is being outdoors. Before they met, Kyle was an avid fisherman and Anna loved boats and anything to do with “pretty scenery and water.” The two had received a magazine in the mail with a picture of a beautiful sunset overlooking Lake Eufaula.
    “He brought the magazine to me and said, ‘I think this is where we should get married.’ It suited us both,’” Anna says.

    “We took a trip to view the venue first, and as we walked out on the terrace where we would eventually say our vows, we both knew that this was the place we wanted to say, ‘I do.”

    They loved the place so much, in fact, that they booked the only date that was available. It happened to be only four months ahead of time! Not wanting to pass up the beautiful location, they decided it would suit them just fine to get married on Halloween “eve.”

    Planning the wedding in four months, while working full time and with her fiancé working on the road was the biggest challenge for Anna. Not to mention, this wedding was a destination wedding, so it involved lots of transportation.

    But Anna kept a good attitude about all of it.

    “I didn’t mind because I knew what I wanted and knew that I was marrying not only the man of my dreams, but my best friend! I didn’t stress like most bride’s. I enjoyed it and made the time with my family and friends worth while.”

    The couple chose a rustic theme for their wedding, using burlap, tree stumps, twine, rocks, tree branches and candles for their decorations. Their colors were olive and eggplant.

    “I knew that I wanted it to compliment the beautiful scenery, so I ran with the thoughts and decorations that came into my mind,” Anna said. “With Kyle and I being outdoorsy people I knew that our theme would have to incorporate a little bit of both of us. I wanted something that exemplified us as a couple and when the guests saw it they would know that there were at ‘our’ wedding.’”

    And we are pretty sure everyone could tell exactly where they were!

    All the little details came together just right. Some of her favorite details were her wedding bouquet that she and one of her bridesmaids made. It was wrapped in ivory satin ribbon and pinned with a broach from her mother. Quite simply, it was gorgeous!




















    Another favorite was her wedding programs, which she custom made herself. They were pretty lovely huh?

    This same custom monogram was printed in gold foil on olive green napkins and on a booklet that included Anna’s and Kyle’s favorite recipes to cook together as a couple. These were their wedding favors and were a big hit!

    Her monogram was also included in her wedding cake. Anna’s cake was simple with real birch tree limbs and rested on tree stumps. It was topped with their custom monogram in chocolate…yum!

    Kyle’s also matched him just right. It also rested on tree stumps, was hand painted camouflage on the top layer and the bottom layer was made to look like a tree stump where the couple had their initials and wedding date carved into it. The topper was a turkey, for Kyle’s favorite hobby, turkey hunting!

    Just as she has a lot of favorite details, Anna has many favorite moments from her wedding day.
    “The best thing I remember was waking up that morning and knowing that this was the day! The day I had looked forward to since I was a little girl! I couldn’t believe it was my turn to get married,” she said.

    “Of course, I was a nervous wreck, running around trying to get everything finished and still get myself ready! But once it was all said and done, and they had me waiting inside the patio room to go out and see my soon to be husband for the first time that day, I was so emotional.

    “I remember my friends opening the doors, and Kyle was standing at the rails with his back turned to me looking at the lake. I started walking down the aisle for us to see each other a few moments before the pictures and ceremony. I whispered his name, and he turned around to see me. That was the moment, the moment I realized that I was the happiest girl in the world!”

    And, when the preacher announced the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Padgett, she said she couldn’t have been more excited. “I was finally his!”

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