• Paper vs. Magnet Save the Dates

    He’s popped the question. You’ve said yes!

    Now what?

    Well, there’s obviously a lot of planning, coupled with the excitement and anticipation of getting married. But one thing that can make your planning process a whole lot easier is Save the Dates.

    Once you pick a date for your wedding, Save the Dates are a great way to let your guests know you are going to invite them but give you time to prepare the other details (and the invitations).

    You don’t have to know where the reception is or what hotels they should stay in at this point. All you need to tell them is that there will be a wedding on your special day!

    When it comes to save the dates, you have two main options (yes, more choices!) You can send a paper save the date or a magnet.

    There are some pros and cons to both, though I don’t think you can go wrong with Save the Dates.

    Save the Date Magnets are pretty popular and for good reason. First, you can place adorable pictures of you and your fiancé on them and people will hang them on their fridge. They will be looking at you everyday, so it makes it a little harder for them to forget about your big day or lose your save the date in a stack of papers.
    These do take a little more time to print and may be a little more expensive.

    With paper save the dates, there is no limit really. You can do simple rectangle cards or use different die cut shapes to make them as unique as you like. Most of the time these versions will be quicker to turn around and a little less expensive.

    So, which one will you choose?

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