• Lynn’s love story

    This week we take you inside the lovely wedding of our very own, equally as lovely Lynn Corder.












    See, told you she was lovely!

    Lynn married her husband Greg on January 19, 2002, at Moseley’s Studio in Elba, Alabama (Elba is also where Wiregrass Weddings’ home office is!).











    Her wedding was also the first time Lynn got to meet Greg’s best friend, who flew in to be the best man. That moment and the intimacy of the ceremony were her favorite aspects. Overall, their wedding was very hands on, which was great for Lynn!

    One of the biggest challenges was meshing the two families together. Together, they have four children, and it was a challenge to find a dress that all three of the daughters liked. But, we think she did a pretty good job in the end!












    The sweet couple got engaged after Thanksgiving in 2002 after the Auburn/Alabama football game. Obviously, they didn’t have much time to plan their wedding that was less than two months away.
    If Lynn had to do this wedding all over again, she said she wouldn’t change any of the details. The only thing she might have done was spend more time eating, especially the wedding cake! The two had a plane to catch, so they had to leave the reception in a timely manner.












    And, Lynn said the advice she would give to any brides to be is to not try and do everything that is on Pinterest. Enjoy and celebrate! With her love by her side and this penny in the shoe for good luck, Lynn’s probably got all the luck she needs!

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