• Laser Cutting love

    Well, if you haven’t picked up on it from my many Facebook posts, I am so excited to say we got a laser cutter last week. I’ve been busily experimenting and learning to design for the laser (it’s quite different than what I’m used to!).

    The most exciting part is what we at Wiregrass Weddings will be able to do for your stationery. Laser cutting has been trending in the wedding business lately, and it’s really no surprise when you look at all the cute things we can make.

    I’ve taken some pictures of a step-by-step process of making this first example of a laser cut invitation. This is so adorable that I’m sure it’s going to be a regular item very soon. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

    Setting Up Laser Cutter

    First my lovely assistant (my daughter, Brooke) and I get the files ready to be sent to the laser cutter.










    Laser Cutting Software

    Here is a close up of the laptop showing the set up for the laser cutter.Here is the laser cutter starting on the design.










    Laser Cutter

    Here is the laser cutter starting on the design.









    Laser Cutter Close Up

    Here is a close up shot of the laser cutting out the pattern.









    Laser Cut Pattern

    This is what is looks like after it is cut, but is still in the machine.










    Laser Cut Invitations

    Almost done with the laser cut invitation wrap.









    Laser Cut Invitation Wrap

    Here it is after it is done.









    Finished laser cut invitation

    And this is what it looks like with an insert and ribbon added to it.

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