• Introducing…Wendy Wiregrass!

    Wendy Wiregrass

    Wendy Wiregrass

    Wedding season is in full swing, and for Wendy Wiregrass that means one thing: adventure.

    Oh, who’s Wendy Wiregrass? Allow me to introduce you to the newest member of our team here at Wiregrass Weddings.

    Wendy is a charming little lady (literally) who will be traveling by mail with all our orders that ship out, hopefully starting this week. She’s coming to take part in your special day and all the activities that surround them.

    A regular girly-girl, Wendy loves all things wedding—the dresses, shoes, flowers, bridesmaids and all the little details, especially the programs and stationery. She obviously enjoys traveling, and one of her favorite hobbies is showing off her style on her Pinterest page.

    So, here’s how this works.

    Wendy’s fairly dainty, so she can be placed anywhere—in your bouquet, on your keychain, even in your pocket. I’m sending her with a booklet so you can help her document your wedding (of course, only after things slow down for you a little).

    Her booklet covers all your major events—the rehearsal dinner, your wedding day, the honeymoon and even your personal love story. We’d love for you to share as much or as little as you like with us by filling out the pages of that booklet and sending us digital copies of pictures (especially ones that have Wendy in them).

    And, when Wendy gets back to the Wiregrass, which is where she lives in southeast Alabama, she’ll post all about where she’s been on her blog.  You can also keep up with her whereabouts on her Twitter page.

    We already feel so blessed to take part in this special moment in each of your lives.  Through Wendy Wiregrass, we hope to not only become more acquainted with you but to spread your beautiful love stories to all our friends.


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