• Pocket Wedding Invitations

    These precious pocket wedding invitations took up the better part of our day today!  The dark brown part is a pocket-fold that folds up to fit inside the outer envelope.  Single envelopes are used with pocket invitations, rather than the traditional double envelope because the pocket serves as the inner (and to keep down the weight for the postage).  There are so many parts to this invitation ensemble that it makes it an incredibly time-consuming project.  Four of us worked on these ALL DAY today.  We had to print everything and prepare the guest list from the customer.  Then, die cut the invitations, response cards and tabs.  The pockets already come cut and assembled from our supplier, but we did have to cut down the tan backer sheets.  Next was a LOT of gluing — the backer sheets to the pocket, the invitations to the backer sheets, the tags to each other, then to the flap…. After the invitations were done, we addressed the envelopes for our customer, complete with their guest’s mailing address on them.  They turned out so nice – can’t wait for her to pick them up so we can see her reaction!

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