• How to Create a Wedding Invitation List


    Guest List Flow Chart

    Guest List Flow Chart (borrowed from Wedding Bee boards)


    Readers, readers, readers. This just in, Google Docs is a lifesaver for the woman on a wedding list mission. If you have participated in a wedding list work day, then you know the tedious process a list creation becomes.

    The bride sits down with a variety of people including her fiance, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, grandmother-in-law, and maybe even her aunts and sisters. Pain-staking care is taken to ensure every friend, cousin, and 1st grade teacher is included. Then the catering estimate comes and revisions begin! Before long there are at least five re-worked lists on your hard drive. “Did I name the latest one ‘Wedding List Final’ or ‘Wedding List Final Final’,” you ask yourself?

    Enter Google Docs and the days of pulling out your hair are fewer and father between. First you must create a gmail account if you do not have one. If using Excel, simply upload your file to Google Docs and share with as many recipients as needed. If you do not have Excel, the guest list can be created directly through Google Docs.
    Once shared, list recipients are free to make changes from their computers. This eliminates the 337 updated lists and new files. No more wondering if you are working from the most updated list. Once completed, email list to your source for wedding invitations for easy envelope addressing.
    Thank you Google Docs!
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