• Wedding Venues

    How clever of the writers of Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest movie to choose the New York City Public Library for Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding venue. Recently I stopped by to see what all the fuss was about.  The library is indeed a fabulous space.

    So, where does the average girl get married these days?

    1.  House of Worship (Church, Temple, or other religious space)
    2.  Court House
    3.  A family member’s lawn
    4.  An exotic destination
    Of course my list is not exhaustive. There are many creative options available Cheap Clown Bouncing Castles Slides for those willing to look.  The bride and groom may, for sentimental reasons, feel the need to get married near one of their home towns or close to the location where they first met.  Several of my college friends chose to have their ceremonies at our college’s chapel.
    Before choosing the location it is a good idea to consider who should attend.  If it is important to the bride and groom that grandparents and extended family be present, they must keep in mind grandparents aren’t always physically able to make a long trip.  Extended family members aren’t always keen on the expense that a destination wedding requires.
    If the couple is looking for an intimate affair with only their closest of friends, small venues and destination weddings can meet their needs with ease.
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