• The Wiregrass Weddings Divas!

    The wonderful group of women that is behind Wiregrass Weddings went to jail the other day!  The Old Coffee County jail in downtown Elba, Alabama served as the backdrop for our meeting with friend and awesome photographer, Mike Moseley of Moseley Photography and Design.  Mike took some great pictures of my “divas” and I just wanted to share the pictures of my awesome staff with you all and at the same time, fill you in on the whole wedding program process!

    This is the only picture that Mike didn’t take!!! Anna was sick the day of our photoshoot and this is my attempt to copy Mike’s true gift as a “real” photographer!!


    Anna writes up all of the orders by creating a folder, a “paper to pull” tag, a “ribbon to cut” tag and adding it to our order tracking worksheet (where we track all of the orders). Then she does the first rough draft of the wedding program.


    Next, Lyndsay “tweaks” the wedding program and prints out a copy to be proofed.  Lyndsay also stays busy at the end of the process, as she is the one that prints the wedding programs and bills each customer.  Lyndsay enjoys creating new things, so if you have any special requests or projects that you would like to tackle, she’s your girl!  She’s also a “pageant nut”, so if you need anything printed for a pageant, call her!

    After the wedding programs are typeset, they go to our resident wedding expert and former English teacher, Sylvia, for proofing. Sylvia is also a pro at operating our ribbon cutter and she cuts all of the ribbon with the hot knife cutter to give it a finished edge.

    Sylvia lives right across the street from Wiregrass Weddings with her husband, Jack. She’s a champ at remembering each holiday and birthday and is quick to bring a wonderful, homemade cake to celebrate.  She is very active in her church (Whitewater Baptist) where she serves as the Vacation Bible School Chairman and a Sunday School Teacher. 

    KERRI (with two r’s)
    After proofing, Kerri is in charge of making all of the changes to the wedding programs and then sending the first draft to the customer for approval. She makes all of the changes requested by the customer and gets the orders ready to print. Kerri also handles most of the UPS for Wiregrass Weddings.
    She is an avid animal lover and has two cats and two dogs and has plans to pursue a nursing degree in the near future.

    KERI (with one r)

    Once the programs have been printed, Keri and Maria (see below) handle the assembly, with the rest of the crew pitching in as needed. They cut, fold, punch and tie to ensure that each program is just perfect! Then they box, stuff, tape, measure and weigh to make sure that they arrive to each customer safe and sound.

    Keri is also employeed part time with UPS and is an active member of her church, First Assembly of God.



    In addition to her job duties listed above (see Keri with one r), Maria and Keri also help with keeping our paper supplies in stock. They also both help with random projects such as direct mailing and website maintenance.

    Maria is married to her husband, Kevin and is mother to Kendallyn and Kaeden. She serves as the youth pastor at the same church, First Assembly of God.



    Then there is me, Laurie. I’m in charge of vacuuming up the paper punches all over the floor after a hard day of work. I also pay the bills. Other than that, I just help out where I’m needed.

    Right now, we all work out of my home, where I live with my husband, Jim and our two kiddos, Brooke and Bradley. We are in the process of completing a new building, which we hope to by occupying in the next couple of months…. I’ll update you all on that in the next blog!

    ’til then…


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