• How to Freeze Wedding Cake

    Saving the top layer of the wedding cake, if stored properly, can be a meaningful and delicious part of a couple’s anniversary celebration.  Wiregrass Weddings‘ owner, Laurie Chapman, had a three-tiered basket weave cake in all white back in 1998 when basket weave was all the rage.  Like many brides, she saved the top layer for later.
    Last week, Laurie’s mom called to tell her that she found her wedding cake.  Laurie and Jim were married on March 21, 1998!  Regardless of how well a cake is packaged, ten years is too long.
    WikiHow(dot)com has the following suggestions for freezing wedding cakes:
    1. Wrap cake in aluminum foil
    2. Place wrapped cake in sealable baggy.
    3. Secure wrapped and sealed cake in a metal tin to protect from getting smooshed in the freezer.
    It is important to freeze cake as soon as possible, so don’t wait until after your honeymoon. Before the reception, decide who will be in charge of packaging the portion of the cake you choose to freeze.
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