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    I had a customer come in today wanting some invitations for a “Basket Shower” that she is hosting for a bride that is a friend of hers. I thought that this sounded like a lot of fun and got on the internet trying to help her find some ideas for different themes for her “Basket Shower”. We came up with a cute invitation with a bunch of different baskets at the bottom (see the picture). In case you don’t know, a basket shower is where each of the guests brings a basket filled with gifts that go along with their assigned theme.

    I came across the following article:



    Wedding Basket Shower

    By Dionna Sanchez

    I love unique ideas. If you have a friend who is getting married and don’t want to do the normal run-of-the-mill bridal shower, here is a superb idea. Throw your friend a “basket shower.” Each guest will bring a basket of goodies that has a theme to go along with it. It will help the new bride get well-stocked on supplies as well as fun items. Here are a few themes to get you thinking. Be creative and have a blast discovering all the themes ladies come up with!

    *Home Organization Basket – notepads, calendar, organizer, folders, clock, phone…

    *Honeymoon/Romance Basket – negligee, perfume, lotion, Throw Blanket, hot chocolate or sparkling cider with 2 mugs or glasses, picnic basket….

    *Gourmet/Kitchen Basket – pasta, fancy dressings, crystal pitcher, apron, hot pads, ice cream maker….

    *Gardening Basket – seeds, flower pot, water can, gardening gloves, garden tools, lawnchairs….

    *Mrs. Fix-It Basket – small tool case, scissors, sewing basket, hammer….

    *Homemaking Basket – laundry basket, pillows, blankets, dustbuster, air freshener….

    *Memory Maker Basket – photo albums, picture frames, guest book, journals….

    Find many more unique and fun ideas at Emphasis On Moms


    After racking my brain for some more good basket themes, I came up with the following list. Some of these are take-offs from the ones mentioned above.
    * Beach Bum Basket — use a small ice chest for your “basket”, fill with towels, sunscreen, some drinks, a float…
    * Holiday Baskets — assign baskets that have a holiday as a theme. For instance a Christmas Basket could be filled with ornaments for their tree, or an Easter Basket where the basket itself could be the gift
    * Pampered Pet Basket — if the couple has a beloved critter, a pampered pet basket would be ideal! Fill a large dog bowl with a collar, doggie treats, some balls, doggie shampoo, etc…
    * Honey-do Basket — fill a toolbox with screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers, nails, screws, picture hangers, etc…
    * Sugar-n-Spice Basket — fill a basket with all kinds of spices and seasonings
    * Medicine Cabinet Basket — fill a large rubber container with first aid type items: band-aids, Tylenol, Advil, bandages, tape, Pepto Bismol, etc…
    * Sewing Basket — find a really cute sewing basket and fill it with thread, buttons, a pin cushion, pins, tape measure, patches, and some craft-related magazines for inspiration.
    * Laundry Basket — fill a hamper with laundry essentials including detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, bleach (be careful with this one!!), sizing/starch, an iron…
    * Junk Drawer/Bill Payment/Home Office/Organization Basket — fill with office supplies including this such as pens, pencils, stamps, tape, scissors, hole puncher, stapler, hi-lighters, folders, calendar, calculator…
    * ‘Let There Be Light’ Basket — fill with lightbulbs of varying sizes (flood, indoor, etc.), some small lamps, and a couple of trendy lamp shades.
    * Day at the Spa Basket — sure to be every brides favorite! Fill with bubble bath, lotions, loofa, exfoliant scrubs, masks, fingernail maintenance kit, certificate for a manicure, pedicure, or massage…
    * Romance Basket — dinner gift certificate, massage oils & accessories, book of “romance coupons”, champagne or sparkling cider, toasting flutes, etc…
    * Movie Night Basket — personalized popcorn bowl, movie tickets, salt, microwavable popcorn, etc.
    * Bakery Basket — common ingredients used in baking (flour, oil, sugar), baking pans, non-stick cooking spray, timer, etc.
    Have fun with this and e-mail me your ideas: lauriechapman@charter.net
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