• More Basket Shower Theme Ideas

    I thought of some more great themes for a basket shower. See my previous post for the initial list. Here are the new ones:

    * Grilling Out: tools for the grill, mitts, secret family recipes, spices and marinades, grilling-specific cookbook

    * Wine & Cheese: wine, cheese, barware….

    * Kitchen Linens: washrags, dishrags, sponges, etc.

    * Chips & Salsa: chips, salsa, dips, recipes, a great chip & dip dish set.

    * Power Outage: batteries, flashlights, candles, matches, gas lanterns, weather radio, etc.

    * Entertainment: movie tickets, board games, deck of cards, puzzles…

    * Spring Cleaning: Use a mop bucket for your basket, mop, broom, floor cleaning solution, wood cleaner, window cleaner, etc.

    * Rubbermaid: all kinds of containers in a big rubber container

    * Drinks: Pitchers, drink mixes, glasses, cups, disposible cups

    * Kitchen Gadgets: spatulas, big spoons, tongs, etc…

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