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Fan Wedding Programs (Shelley)

Wedding Program Fan (Shelley)

Wedding Program Fan (Shelley)

These Shelley fans are uniquely-shaped and adorable. They are perfect for highlighting key wedding details and keeping your guests cool.

Dimensions:  7.5" x 8"

Specifications:  Two sheets of cardstock assembled on a 9" wavy fan stick.  Organza ribbon is sold separately and is pre-cut, but not tied onto the sticks (it does not ship well)!


Programs can be worded however you would like -- you are able to omit sections you do not want, or add something different that you do not see in our form.  Normally, this layout includes:

  • Front (includes your design or monogram, names, event date, location and time at the top and your ceremony at the bottom)
  • Back (includes your wedding party at the top and a brief dedications, special thanks, and/or "At Home" address at the bottom)
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Wedding Program Fan (Shelley) Fan Wedding Programs (Shelley) Fan Wedding Programs (Shelley)